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Vintage balloon race vintage photo wallpaper

TenStickers. Vintage balloon race vintage photo wallpaper. A large colourful vintage air balloon wall mural that is created with a beautiful atmospheric blue sky that will change the look of your wall at home.

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Measurements (width x height)
A vintage balloon wall mural design in very colourful rainbow colour that you will love it appearance on your wall. This design contains lots of colours with the big balloon flying in the sky with it passengers house. This colourful vintage balloon wall mural also has the beautiful blue sky and cloud. With this design in your home, you will feel mesmerised and wowed at all time. This design is created from very high quality material that does not form air bubbles on the wall or wrinkles. It does not reflect with light and you will enjoy to use it. The application is very easy with the application kit set. You can chose the size that fits your space.

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