Enso Meditation Home Wall Sticker

TenStickers. Enso Meditation Home Wall Sticker. Bring the beauty and peacefulness of meditation into your home with this fantastic enso meditation wall sticker. Choose from over 50 colours!

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What yoga room would be complete without this awesome enso meditation wall sticker. The enso is an ancient Japanese symbol used to symbolise the path to enlightenment. The incomplete circle symbolises “wabi-sabi”, the beauty of imperfection and impermanence. This meditation home decor wall sticker is available in a range of over 50 colours and a range of sizes. It’s also very easily stuck to any smooth wall or surface, bubble and wrinkle-free. When you’ve finally achieved enlightenment, this sticker is easily removed with no marks, residue or damage left on your wall.

Information about Enso Meditation Home Wall Sticker

Reference: A13975


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