Blue Skies Trackpad texture sticker

TenStickers. Blue Skies Trackpad texture sticker. Turn your plain old laptop into a work of real artistic genius with this beautiful blue skies laptop sticker. Worldwide delivery available!

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Minimum Size 3 cm x 3 cm.


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Take your head out of the clouds and into your laptop with this peaceful blue skies laptop sticker. Allow us to dispel any doubts that you may have about your laptop functioning with this beautiful decal on top of your trackpad. With this beautiful clouds laptop decal we assure you that your trackpad will still continue to work perfectly well, isn’t that cool? Now you can turn your plain old laptop into a real work of artistic genius in an instant as we can assure you that our high quality vinyl stickers are extremely easy to apply with no bubbles, rips, creases or wrinkles to be seen.

Information about Blue Skies Trackpad texture sticker

Reference: A15803


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